Top 5 Winter Beauty Tips for Dry Skin

Posted by Milton Ruiz

Winter Beauty Tips

The winter can certainly take its toll on your skin. With all the blistery cold weather, there is a good chance that you are blasting your heat. While the heat will certainly warm up your home, it will also sap all moisture out of the air, which can cause extreme dryness. When it comes down to it, staying hydrated and putting on lotion is one way to combat the dryness, but there are a number of other ways to stay looking as refreshed and as beautiful than ever. The important thing to remember is that the winter won’t last forever – soon enough the warm weather will be back.

Here are the top five winter beauty tips for dry skin.

Winter Beauty Tips

  • Go in the sun for at least fifteen minutes a day. You may think this is counterintuitive, but the sun can actually be quite healing when it comes to combating the dryness. By soaking up the vitamin D, your skin will be looking healthier than ever. Even if when it is below freezing outside, you should soak up as much sun as you can.
  • Use plenty of lotion. Rubbing lotion into skin is one thing, but you want to make sure that the lotion is safe for your skin. If you visit a dermatological center, you will definitely be advised to use lotion that has a low amount of sun blocking agents and you will want to find a brand of lotion that doesn’t use scents or any other harmful chemicals. When it comes down to it, some lotion can actually be bad for your skin and can dry skin out rather than moisturize it. Keep reading http://www.readersdigest.ca/health/beauty/5-winter-skin-care-tips/view-all/
  • Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is incredibly important when it comes to having beautiful, glowing skin. When the air is dry as a bone, you want to make sure that you get at least eight hours of sleep at night. The old adage about getting your beauty rest actually has a lot of meaning, especially in the winter. Not only will your body be able to regulate itself, but your body will also send more oxygen to your organs. Did you know that your skin – the epidermis – is the body’s biggest organ?
  • Use a humidifier. If your home is particularly dry, you want to use a humidifier to raise the humidity and moisture levels. Ideally, you want a moisture level of about 35% – anything less can start to interrupt health. Not only can low humidity affect your skin, but it can also affect the structural elements of your home: window casings, paint, foundation and more.
  • Stay away from heavy makeup. In the wintertime, it may be smart to go easy on the foundation and other heavy makeup. When it comes down to it, makeup can often make the skin look a lot drier. So, make sure that you stick to a more natural look and you’ll thank yourself when your skin is not unbearably dry and flakey.

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